Berd Flu

by Big Berd

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My debut album, released around early-mid 2009 (the date is sort of an estimate.) Enjoy!


released March 15, 2009

Production credits:
Pter, DUS, CR, Authentic, T.A.H., RP, Lil D.

Featured performers:
GMitch, Le2da, Fo Rill, DND, Yung J, Top Notch, JV, Lil Savage, Monique, G-Train, Microsoft Sam.

Out of all those people, DUS is the only one I'm still in touch with, he can be found here:




Berd Boston, Massachusetts

Welcome to my Bandcamp page! My name is Ed, but you can call me Berd. I do raps 'n' stuff. You can contact me via e-mail or skype (the.2xN.Benn)

You can add me on my other sites:

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Track Name: Intro (The Big Berd Theme Song)
Everybody knows that the Berd is the Word,
I mean come on homie, ain't you heard?

Cause if you ain't heard I feel sorry for you,
The Berd is where it's at, the Berd is what it do.

Call this the Berd Flu, call me The King,
Up in the club and I'm doin my thing,

I'll beat you down in the ring, like a boxing champ,
I'm like a army general takin' fools to boot camp,

Don't gimmie food stamps, cause I can pay my way,
I'ma have it my way, just like BK,

What they say don't matter, I'm the one in charge,
Y'all chumps is small time, I am much mo large.

I'm far too too good for y'all, I'm the talk of the town,
And if you try n doubt me then you is just a clown,

And you goin down, 'fyou want beef wit me,
Must be outta your mind, bro can't you see?

You feelin me? Cause I'm spittin the truth,
Can't go through me, till you pay the toll booth,

Can't see through this, cause I am opaque,
I'm a real mawfucker, you punks is fake,

Word to the Berd, you know how it's like,
And I could kill you wit my devastating flows on the mic.
Track Name: When The Beat Bangs [prod. by CR]
When The Beat bangs you know what to do
hit the fuckin floor cause im comin thru
Big Berd gona leave ya eyes black and blue
Your ears are breaking cause this beat so true
you see its so fresh clean poppin and new
And i'm goin crazy imma act a fool
For the fans lemme tell ya i'm glad you knew
and for the haters lemme say one thing: fuck you
I'm bringin in the storms just look and see
You know there aint nobody out there flyer than me
Lemme give you a hint as to who i be
i'm that dude that's makin all the snitches flee
see i was taught on the streets yeah i got my degree
i majored in hustlin got my PHD
and yeah i know the game from A to Z
Call me B-I-G, B-E-R-D.

When the beat bangs it'll drive them up the wall,
We out here everyday you know we love to ball,
I'm countin up my paper I got stacks so tall,
I'm up so high y'all haters wishin I'd fall,
But I ain't gon slip, naw, I ain't gona choke,
Y'all chumps don't impress me, y'all is one big joke,
Y'all don't even deserve a punchline, I watch 'em croak,
Fire bullets in the air and let 'em die from second hand smoke,
My style is raging mean, yet so fresh and clean,
I ain't gon follow the rules cause I'm here to make a scene,
Hater's so jealous they practically turn green,
Greener than the paper they wish they had, na mean?
This ain't the SAT's, fuck those standardized tests,
But I administer pain from the east to the midwest,
I'm makin my way to the top, who woulda guessed?
Y'all best not mess with dudes like me who are blessed.

When the beat bangs it will drive them loco,
Don't fuck with my stacks, that is a no-no,
You won't like me when I'm angry I transform like bruce banner,
I get green and mean so you best mind yo manners,
You best check yourself before you wreck yourself,
If you fuckin wit me you gonna infect yourself,
I might inspect you, you might catch the Berd Flu,
And you can't inject yourself with the antidote dude,
Cause I spit sick, and we should not nit pick,
I suggest you get the fuck out my way lil prick,
Cause I am a rolling stone, I gather no moss,
I leave a trail of busted stuff, I am the boss,
Don't get caught in my wake, you wouldn't like the outcome,
I will flatten you fast, so don't ask me how come,
So get some, cause I'm about ready to end this,
But I'm still sittin in my throne cause my reign is endless.
Track Name: The Final Frontier [prod. by T.A.H]
To boldly go where no man has gone before,
And the rap game ain't ready for what i got in store,
Yeah my shelves are stocked, I got exactly what y'all need,
So sharp and so hot, and as the pen bleeds,
The flames of hell rise up, now higher than any,
And though it may seem otherwise I ain't tired I'm ready,
I am fired up and running, so heated you see,
The fuckin surface of the sun ain't got nothin on me
I'm the interstellar war, The galactic alliance,
I will blast you with ballistics and astound you with science,
Diabolically fresh, like the devil reincarnated,
Can't see past the end of your noses, y'all are so jaded,
Although you may not realise, my rhymes are deep,
So stop followin the herd, stop actin like sheep,
But it's my time now, time for me to stand out,
Damn right, y'all already know what I'm about

The Final Frontier I'm ready to tear this bitch down,
Better than alla y'all clowns, I'm the best around,
Feelin' like Richard Nixon, I am not a crook,
Movin in one direction, like a castle or a rook,
But I'm the king, y'all just pawns, motherfucker check mate,
Here's the thing, I put on, and there ain't no debate,
Imma cut you and gut you like a fish filet,
Claim you better than me? No way jose.
I know there's haters out there, so hate if you must,
But disrespect me to my face I will reduce you to dust,
Here's the truth, I don't rhyme in hopes to get signed,
I rhyme to make my voice heard, to speak my fuckin mind.
Yeah I repeat myself at times, sometimes for emphasis,
Yeah I repeat myself at times, so get the fuck over it,
And I'm bringin the storms in, lemme make this clear,
And lemme say it one more time: This the Final Frontier.

Come aboard my starship, The Enterprise,
You gona like what you see you won't believe your eyes,
Better'n first class seats or the V.I.P. booth,
I deliver correctly, and I speak the truth,
I spit raps like crack, I supply to you, how,
You can't supply like me you a scam like Sham-Wow,
And damn, how you gona claim that you're right and I'm wrong,
You made it a hot line but I made it a hot song,
Better learn improv cause I'm takin you to acting school,
You act a fool, you know the rules, you ain't like Lupe you ain't cool,
I'm on a whole nother level, that's right a whole new class,
You can't hit me with a sucker punch I'm too damn fast,
I hit you with a right hook then a left cross to ya jaw,
You can't process me raw, I bite like a lobster claw,
Float like a butterfly, sting like mace
Little fake left then I *POP* you in the face.

Y'all knew I was hot when you heard me from the start,
But you didn't wanna believe, y'all ignored my art,
I'm speakin from the heart, these thoughts pass through my brain,
Out the mouth into the mic like a locomitive train,
I am lyrically insane, goin crazy on this beat,
That TaH Chi gave me, now we crazy in the streets,
In the city of Boston, where I was born and raised,
Y'all try to diss my style, but I ain't fuckin fazed,
I'm like the impossible maze, you can't escape me,
Once you in you can't get out, that's just how it be,
But don't blame me, blame the game, I can't help but play it,
If there's new blood around then I'm bound to slay it,
I gots to say it and make a splash, 2 points like slam dunk,
Y'all ain't nothin but trash, I'm done with you punks,
And it's time to get this done, time for me to clean this up,
So tell scotty it's time for him to beam me up.

And I'm the best, fuck the rest, try and put me to the test,
While you cleanin up your act I'm here to make a mess,
Here to get dirty, here to wreck the place up,
I ain't tryna get lucky, but still land face up,
And I ain't talkin coin flips, I'm steppin up my game,
Switchin up my styles while y'all stickin to the same,
You lames can't claim the name, I own the title,
I will put you to shame, cause my lyrics is vital.
Track Name: Ain't No Stoppin' Me ft. Yung J
I got my head in the clouds, My headphones loud,
Haters like wow, doubters what now,
I stand in the crowd just waitin to bust out,
Ain't no stoppin me now, Ain't no stoppin me now

I hope you know that I'm a force to be reckoned with,
My flow's an infection, mysterious like the second myth,
Know that the hand I beckon with is the same hand that feeds,
So follow it, don't try n swallow it, And I will plant the seed,
That will grow into the tree of that tell thousand truths,
Energy purer than the spirits of a thousand youths,
Concentrated euphoria, but it's my turn though,
Like Nas said that ether make your soul burn slow,
So just take another sip, take another hit,
Let yourself rot from the inside on that good shit,
That's right let yourself slip, and lemme do my thing,
Welcome to the castle of which I am the king,
I own this throne, and I hold the title,
You best leave me alone, don't make me get homicidal,
This the Devil's recital, my reign of terror,
I am the dark one, the damager, the corrupted flag bearer.


They can't stop me, even if they stopped me,
Take seven shots but you still won't drop me,
Try as you might to imitate but you are not me,
You can't reach my temperature, naw, y'ain't hot, G,
Just look at my spot, see, I scrape these clouds,
I can take what I got and reshape this, how,
You can doubt me, curse me, hate me now,
Envy me cause you know that I'm the best around,
And when you hear my sound you can't help but second guess,
You own abilities and talents, so look at this mess,
That I've made of the place, you can't comprehend this shit,
You may think I'll stop here but this ain't the end of it,
You just watch me do me you might learn a thing or two,
But know this, y'aint able to walk in my shoe,
So get a clue you can't hinder my progress if you try,
Cause I deliver that raw shit that makes fakes like you cry.


Now let's talk about a lil story a long time ago,
Back when my great great grampa invented the microphone,
And now 4 generations later, who woulda known,
That I'd be blessin that shit with these dangerous flows,
So now you see, I have a dynasty to lead,
Minus the fact that I will cause your sinuses to bleed,
And with my virus and my seed I will infect a nation,
This is an invasion of my own creation,
And if you really want to I just might start a fight,
Smack you with my left hand and aknowledge you with my right,
So don't be surprised when the hand I salute with,
Just so happens to be the same hand I shoot with,
And the hand you root with should be pointin at me,
So I can clearly see, that you simply agree,
I am the best MC and I do this for the hell of it,
I never give you mellow shit, I am far too intelligent.
Track Name: Sticks And Stone Tactics [prod. by CR]
I be spittin that fire, You ain't on top cause I'm higher,
And I'ma burn you fuckers down just like a funeral pyre,
So just call me the pyro, but I am still enviro-
Mentally friendly haters envy but can't read me like heiro-
Glyphics written on stone, peep this collection I own,
And you can't copy my styles because I am in my zone,
Hey you know I'm the man, but when the shit hits the fan,
I'll be the freshest seein' clearer than alla y'all can,
Fuck these smoke detectors, I am the ear infector,
I'm a crazy motherfucker just like Hannibal Lector,
These bars I spit, this ain't rhetorical shit,
This is historical shit, and I ain't never gon quit,
Ain't gon dumb this down for you punk ass clowns,
You gotta listen to my words don't just hear my sounds,
One more time lemme state, I fuckin know I'm great,
And if you can't enjoy this shit then you might as well hate.

I'm like a mafia assasin but still a businessman,
Ain't nothin personal, strictly business, damn.
Lemme handle my business cause I can do this correctly,
Criticize me all you want but you still won't affect me,
You don't faze me, I don't give a shit about you,
I fear god why the fuck should I be afraid of some dude,
So why you actin so rude, tryna shake me up,
But you be puttin me to sleep so don't wake me up,
That's right I need my beauty rest, I gots to keep my mind fresh,
It's how I retain my title as one of the best,
When I write I'm killin previous works of art, so obscene,
I sprayed graffiti on the White House and I painted it green,
I was the one who killed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
Left the reniassance era in a state of disbelief,
I was the hand floating over Paul McCartney's head,
And I knocked out the Mona Lisa's two front teeth.

My words speak volumes, this ain't mass media, yet,
With one song I give you ten encyclopedia sets,
You bet, I'm the shit, so stop the curiousity,
It'll take more than that to kill a cat like me,
You see, I stand strong, and I got nine lives,
I'll win a cagematch against nine dudes with nine knives.
Y'all be givin me funny looks, but I don't really care,
See I am like Bonecrusher cause I ain't never scared,
You don't intimidate me, you don't impress me neither,
Baby rappers comin out the woodwork into the ether,
Let's put this into perspective, consider it all,
Y'all flow like BugABoo Creek, my flow's Niagra Falls.
So just light just one more, and only time will tell,
You see match made in heaven set the fires in hell,
The daydreamer has nighmares, Surgeon General's got the flu,
And quote the experts: Choking smokers, don't you think the joker laughs at you?
Track Name: Rocky Balboa ft. Le2da [prod. by RP]
You can call me rocky cause I'm in it to win it,
When I'm in the ring i'll beat em down in a minute,
They askin me Berd why you lookin so fly,
I tell them fuckers its cause I ain't scared to try,
Now I'm up in the sky above all y'all dudes,
But you still hate me I put you inna bad mood,
Hate me cause I'm hot, hate me cause you not,
Hate me cause the ladies they crave what I got,
That's right hoes love me they say I'm so sweet,
When they come into my kitchen Imma give em the meat.
Yeah I turn vegan chicks into carnivores,
cause i'm the type of guy that the bitches adore.
Partying from late at night to the early mor'n
Lil mami get it poppin like a bag of kettle korn
Feelin like Pac all eyes on me
cause I'm the player all the haters wanna be.

You know my rhymes astound cause I sound amazing,
My words so insane it's like my brain's goin crazy,
I am crazy on the inside, crazy on the out,
I am loco all over, boy there ain't no doubt,
Look, I may not be a c.e.o. but I'm still boss,
And if you dirty up my turf then you'll be pushin up moss,
I'm the king you wanna chance to try n claim my throne,
you got a better chance gettin Danny Hayes on the phone,
Your momma told you that you special but I know that ain't true
You gon need ya whole crew when I'm through with you,
Don't compare yourself to me you can't compete with my fury
I'll break your jaw fucker you'll be talking in a slurry
A speech impediment like Sylvester Stallone
now im tellin ya you best fuckin leave me alone
See I'm underground now so I cant get no lower
But Imma fight my way up like Rocky Balboa.
Track Name: I'm Your Guy [prod. by Authentic]
I'm a fuckin robot man, you is just a creep,
If you fuckin wit my cats then I'll put your dogs to sleep.
Raise my middle finger to you punk ass bitches,
Y'all belong in Burger King, scrubbin off dishes.
Guys like me you know we love to brawl,
We wanna get the blood pumpin, gotta get raw.
See that's what you get with dudes my height,
You know we're always there to start a motherfuckin fight.
Don't think I won't scramble your ass like an egg,
These dudes I gotta kill my list is bigger than Craig's.
I ain't no lil engine I know I fuckin can,
Make haters split like shit thru a ceiling fan.
You ever smelled street pizza, cause I will deliver,
The blood'll flow like a river it'll make ya skin quiver.
I Got the rap game scared, haters on they toes,
What's his next move they ask, noone knows.

My name is Big Berd, I am a G,
You chicken shit punks don't wanna be fuckin wit me
My name is Big Berd, I'm your fuckin guy,
When you wake up in the mornin and somebody got to die

My style stings you like a eyeful of mace,
Make ya blood run cold like you in outer space,
And if y'ain't heard, lemme make this clear,
Don't cross that line bro, don't even come near.
I don't need my gats to throw you out with the trash,
I don't take my guns to town just like that dude Johnny Cash,
Yea, or James Dean, wit the status of John Lennon,
Gimmie that Green Light I got that like John Legend.
So ill it make you sick my flow's an infection,
Cut ya stomach open just like a C section
When you in the O.R. like a lion I pounce you,
Doctor's got a German accent but he'll still pronounce you.
These punks talkin down, chumps talkin smack,
Cause I'm on top of my game, I'm the leader of the pack,
Look, I speak soft but I carry a big stick,
You just a thorn in my side you ain't nothin but a big prick,


I got that #1 spot, this is why I'm hot,
Haters hatin me cause I have what they don't got
I'm in your soundwaves I pollute the air you breathe,
We bout to get this bitch crankin to a hundred degrees,
Stand up all you hustlas put yo hands in the sky,
Cause his is what it looks like when you finally fly
Y'all shit ya diapers like you in the old folk's home,
not me though I'm hot that's right I'm in my zone,
Like a transformer Auto Bot I go into Beast Mode,
You can't solve me I'm livin the Da Vinchi Code,
You can't solve me I'm built like a Rubick's cube,
You can't beat me unless you bring your whole fuckin crew,
See I ain't a hater, I just hate fakers,
Leave the heavy lifting up to the real movers and shakers
You know I'm the realest right I ain't no phony,
Wassup Authentic you know I got ya homie.

Track Name: Still Alive [prod. by Authentic]
Had a dream the other night that I was on the run,
Woke up lookin down the wrong side of a gun,
Naw it was still part of the dream but as I rolled outta bed,
I realized that someone out there wants me dead,
So let 'em try and find me, what the fuck can they do,
I'm an elusive dude, y'all can't catch me, true,
Enemies from all sides and comn up from the ground,
I survive even with this weight bearing me down,
All the people I've let down, all the times I've failed,
All the times I've gotten off track, strayed off my trail,
All the times I've given up, and just called it quits,
I'm tellin ya I'm sick and tired of all that bullshit,
I'll admit I'm scared, knowin the lives I coulda saved,
And to see my own name engraved on a grave??
But no matter what they do, I will still be alive,
I will always perservere, I will always survive.

You can't silence me I will break through the muzzle,
You can't solve me I'm the impossible puzzle,
You can't forget me I'm a timeless piece of art,
You can't fix me I have been broken from the start,
You can't corrupt me I ain't enticed by your bribes,
You can't corrode me I'm stainless steel on all sides,
You can't knock me down, I will always stand strong,
You can't kill me I live forever through these songs.

I'm the notorious voice, the eternal disease,
The glitch in the matrix, the scourge of the regime,
I'm the undying spirit, and the immortal soul,
I am the Midas Touch, and the alchemist's gold,
I am the blood of the city, and the voice of the people,
The gargoyle watching over from on top of the steeple,
I'm the American Dream, and the Hustler's Prayer,
The rebel's outlook on life, and the daredevil's dare,
I am the angry policeman, and the convicted felon,
I am Nebuchadnezzar, Columbus, and Magellan,
The cold ice of the glacier, the hot air of the baloon,
The Serenity of the deer, and the rage of the monsoon,
I'm the fall of the empire, and the rise of a king,
The homeless veteran's clothing, and the rich man's bling.
The rock 'n' roller's spirit, and the jazz man's jive,
And when all is said and done, I will still be alive.


I am still alive, I don't care what you about,
Put me in the maze of death I'll still find a way out,
I'll solve anything you give me, any trick you perform,
Even in arctic waters I'll find a way to stay warm,
So if you gimmie an inch then I'll be takin a mile,
Angry at me cause you can't assimilate my style,
I bet you know what happens when two cats disagree,
One goes to meet the man upstairs but that cat won't be me,
Cause I know I stick wit it through thick and thin,
And I know I'll be in the game until the very end,
You can try but you can't recreate my flow,
You can't get like me or imitate me so,
You just stand like the rest, starin in awe,
My words so powerful they leave you slack jaw,
Don't call me uncreative, don't tell me I should quit,
Cause I be spittin real verses, and you ain't sayin shit,

Track Name: U Don't Impress Me ft. DND [prod. by DUS]
Damn you don't impress me baby rappers everywhere,
Could somebody please get these lames outta my hair?
Comin straight outta thin air, just appearin like that,
Tryna own the throne but too afraid to step up to bat,
Try to lay claim to the name but they really ain't worthy,
Y'aint a boss of the game if you a suck up like kirby,
So go back to your dreamland, where you think you're so great,
I'll reiterate you too afraid to step up to the plate,
So you resort to hate, on real dudes like me,
You be actin so rude, talkin ungratefully,
But I guess it's just fate you see, how there's the great and the lame,
So congrats on scorin ya 15 minutes of fame,
But that don't mean you're actually good, don't get it confused,
Cause 24 hours later you're yesterday's news,
So don't play the game until you learn the rules fool,
Class is now in session Imma take y'all mawfuckers to school.

You do not impress me, stop trying please,
You are a wannabe,
You a sucka like a lollipop,
Start with me I'll chew you up like a gumdrop,
You ain't impressive ya style is stale,
You like rapunzel your world is a fairy tale,
Like a primary school exam you do not test me,
I don't care if you detest me, homie, you do not impress me.

Can't say this delicately so Imma say it flat out,
I'm tired of this generic bullshit you dudes have spat out,
And then fed it to the masses, I have to sift through the ashes,
Of what hip-hop once was was before you chumps trashed it,
You asked for it, so Imma find the needle in the haystack,
Every dog has his day, so we gon have our payback,
And you breakin your back, tryna lift this weight,
You can't carry the hip-hop game like us, y'aint great,
Y'aint one of the best, so don't front like you is,
I think it's just about time for me to show you the biz,
Call me the business man, cause you know I mean business,
I'll leave you dumbfounded and askin what is this,
What is this you ask it, you so fake and plastic,
You can't rap like me cause my rhymes is fantastic,
This a matter of mind over, all you got is dumb luck,
Just cause you find a 4 leaf clover y'aint special you dumb fuck.


What happened to that S on Superman's chest,
I remember when that insignia was reserved for the best,
But now the rest wear it freely, and it carries no worth,
We must question if there's anything sacred left on the earth,
You dumb punks and fake chumps have ruined the good name,
So it's time I jump up and kick y'all outta the game,
I can see you lames done bit off more than you can chew,
Now you in over ya head, so who woulda knew,
You took ya wax wings and flew too high in the sky,
Soared too close to the sun, now you done, and I know why,
Why you fail so horribly, why you can't get it right,
Try n battle me rhetorically but hardly put up a fight,
You can't beat me, you can't even meet me at these standards,
You thought you planned it, but instead you got stranded,
So now you try n diss me, good luck, you turn on that,
But I remain untouched like Al Gore's thermostat.

Track Name: We Be The Realest ft. Fo Rill [prod. by Lil D]
The number 1 realest yeah thats who we be
The hottest DJ's and the illest MC's
It's killin you cause you know the flow so sick
The beat make you bounce like a pogo stick
If your brain's hurtin and you head starts to ache,
It's cause we too real and your ass too fake,
Man you know you heard what the fuck I just said,
And you know we the best fuckin thing since sliced bread.
We won't stop, won't slow, won't give, won't quit,
I know there's haters out there but they can eat shit,
Shout out to my homie, Lil D wit tha track,
You ask me to spot ya so bro i got ya back,
We piece together rhymes with the best of our talents,
Say the right words and find the right balance
So real so fly cause i'm the Berd,
I mean cmon homie, ain't you heard?

Hey, alla y'all phonies you be makin me sick,
So imma say it once and imma make it stick,
Y'all fake mawfuckers y'all better face facts,
Y'aint a gangster if you grew up inna cul de sac,
I'm sayin right about now, school is in session,
In other words it's time to teach you a lesson,
First off y'ain't a G you just Imagine like Lennon,
Gym class I'll make ya ass Run like Reverend,
Stop bein a pretender, Ya can't get no respect,
You'll never be correct if you can't speak direct,
You claim to be king you claim to be boss,
While your rhymes about as phat as Kate fuckin' Moss,
Big Berd and Fo Rill we spittin hot shit,
We doin it better cause you know we got it,
The realest motherfuckers that's who we be,
And fuck anybody who disagree.
Track Name: P.S.A. [prod. by DUS]
Allow me to introduce myself my name is Berd
and imma bring the storms in just you wait and see
I know you know i aint no H-O-V
I aint P-A-C or B.I.G
but still big, cause i'm Berd
yo, aint you heard?
sit down and lemme tell you now what's the word,
they call me berd cause i'm fly,
yeah i'm that guy
i know how to hustle know how to get high.
See i'm keepin it even,
i'm the king like Stephen,
You think monsters are real 1'm someone you believe in,
You know i keep that bird shit,
that straight up white shit,
that if you in the club it make you wanna start a fight shit,
I am the deliverer, deliver the inferno,
you don't deliver shit imma call you Dijiorno,
y'all just Fuzzy Wuzzy cause you punks is hairless,
dumb enough to charge into a knife fight with bare fists,

I ain't lyin,
fuck wit Wemix ya mom will be cryin
you'll be dyin, staight out on the curb,
you aint nothin but a motherfuckin herb
word, yeah, that's what it do,
when you breakin it down to just me and you
true, false, i don't know,
i'm stressed off now thank god for that dro,
so we can end this with a period, comma,
or if you want beef then i'm fine with drama,
yo momma, she so damn fat,
enough funny shit you know im too cool for that,
scat, uh-huh, skibbity doo bop oo wee,
if you wanna stick around just so you can see,
me, yeah me, at my finest,
they askin me whats ya next move your highness,
behind us, that's where we look,
and see a path of destruction on the path we took,
and we cook, all the finest dishes,
magic lamp and the genie will grant all our wishes,
bitches, that's what we got,
now that we at that #1 spot,
we hot, but i'm endin this track clear,
you don't gotta go home but you cant stay here.