The 2xN Files vol. 1: White Noise, Always Loud

by Berd

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The 2xN Files vol1: White Noise, Always Loud

A promotional tape for my upcoming album, ANTISOCIAL CUES


Back cover artwork can be viewed on the 1st and 7th tracks.


released August 20, 2014

7AR (track 1), Dutch Master A (track 2) J. Daniels (track 3), Aeon Flex (track 4) BBoldt (tracks 5 and 7), Creativ (track 6), TurreekK (track 8)

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Berd Boston, Massachusetts

Welcome to my Bandcamp page! My name is Ed, but you can call me Berd. I do raps 'n' stuff. You can contact me via e-mail or skype (the.2xN.Benn)

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Track Name: Things That Shouldn't Have Been Said: The Song
All the stuff I've said, I've been made a reject,
I'm not able to see yet, these things I regret,
And if you're wondering why I dropped the "Big" from my name,
Ever since I seen the grand canyon things ain't been the same,
When I acted good it's just a dumb facade,
The idea of morality comes from God,
I just hope he can't see inside my head,
cause if he knew All the shit I think about he'd prolly strike me dead,
A man should be judged my the content of his actions,
Not the contents of his mind, where the nonsense tends to happen,
I've slipped the Freudian slips, they could've ruined my life,
Luckily for me the people knew the music was right,
A good beat, a saftey net, when I make these choices,
I am morally at fault, but you can't blame these voices,
So let it drop to the bottom as it sinks like lead,
These are the things that shouldn't have been said.

And this is just a message, problems with my investment,
Allow me to take the time to explain all I'm regrettin',
Once again, a list of all the shit that I've said
I dropped the "Big" from my name cause all the big rappers are dead,
So I brought play-doh to my philosophy class,
This passage through life seems impossibly fast,
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day,
Yes I've said the things, people should never really say
I've become so thin due to the less that I eat,
I dropped the "Big" to drop associations with Sesame Street,
I should just hijack a plane, and fly so free,
Free from the evil powers constantly lying to me,
What the system entails is just a mission to fail,
But guess what, this rap is just a fictional tale,
Something I fathomed up while laying in bed,
These are the things that shouldn't have been said.

It's so loud, inside my head,
As I drown, in my regrets,
Okay, thats a half lie, don't wanna be that guy,
But crap just has to happen, as it happens, I don't act right,
That might, start a fukken cataclysm,
Wack religions when you listen it's like "who's this bastard dissin?"
Well, I guess what happened isn't a total disgrace
Dropping f-bombs and n-bombs all over the place
I don't watch my language, it's no mystery
And that's why all these motherfuckers pissed at me
Or maybe it's cause I flap my gums too much
If you'un like it, then you ain't speaking up enough
I'm sayin' I'm tired'a playin with these dames especially the one
Boastin claims, of him bein the mane,
Maybe he just jelous my freestyle game
might have to body you and bury you somewhere up in Maine,
Leave 'em dead...
These are the things that shouldn't have been said.
Track Name: What Up, World?
What up world? What it do?
I'm feelin okay, howbout you?
Come peep the news, Ain't you heard this?
You really gotta check out this absurdness,
What up world? What it do?
I'm feelin unsure, but this ain't new,
Come check the papers, ain't you heard this?
I got a story that might make you kinda nervous.

I hold my head up just enough to see the sky,
I hold my head up just enough to see the sky,
I hold my head up just enough to see the sky,
And when we go we won't go slow we'll put up such a fight.

(Lemme tell you) About a tribe of people who reside far away,
Their ultimate goal here is quite hard to say,
But I know one thing, they're blind to the truth,
So don't listen to what they say cause they lyin' to you,
Their ideals delusioned, with no real conclusions,
Their backwards logic'll make you feel confusion,
Losin' grip on reality, it's simple and plain,
A psychologist tried to study them, he was driven insane,
In vain, they've been referred to as bastards and cretins,
Always up to no good, dastardly schemin',
The textbook definition of Catholic demons,
Heathens feedin' on your dreamin' for no practical reason,
Weakened souls they are, a shameful Godless folk,
Far beyond salvation by the words the prophets spoke,
Beware, they have left scenes gory and blurred,
At least according to the stories I've heard.


These people are a case indeed; they that serious,
Stranger than the ending of a Gainax series is,
Congratulations! I'm really glad you waitin',
To pay a visit to this twisted district's bad location,
Their growing population makes them nearly half a nation,
Followers continue, I'm hardly exaggeratin',
So if you have the patience, their day is soon to come,
And if you dig eclipses, they might just block out the sun,
Invoke transcension of dimensions and let monsters arise,
But they won't try to dominate the world or conquer the skies,
No, it really ain't much more than you think,
We ain't talkin' messin up the natural order of things,
See it's all about benevolence, peace and prosperity,
The promised land that heaven is, reaching the charity,
All for love, to just listen and trust,
I guess they stay level-headed, seldom wishin' to bust...
Come to think of it, maybe they ain't so different from us.


Track Name: Salute! (ft. Soundbreaker)
You wanna battle in my house, then Imma smack you in the mouth,
Cause I'm the baddest cat to rap beyond a shadow of a doubt,
So it don't matter what you bout, cause I'm here to be the source of all this motherfuckin' damage,
Yes I be, following recipe meant to be something that most cannot manage,
Givin’ you physical raps, spittin’ the facts, over a kick and a clap,
Taking the lead you ain’t gettin it back, you'll be hittin the ground with a miserable splat,
Fell from the top, these pitiful cats, they finna get smacked, Listen to that
My head is so big it can’t fit in a hat, and I ain’t even at my pinnacle yet.
.. Call it my prime, I am not polished with all of these rhymes,
Straight out comics, the monsters of crime, but I'm just stallin for time,
You better focus mayne, when I roast your ass on an open flame, don't complain,
I'll choke a lame, then smoke a Game, till my dopest brain becomes the most insane,
Here's a toast to pain, and making it happen, you can tell just by the way that I'm rappin'
Way to proactive, I ain't the type to sit around waiting for action,
For the life of me, I'm too hype to be, so Breaker take this mic from me,
Breaker Breaker, do you fukken copy?

We be the boys rockin' all the tops off the girls with the hot bods just to get our rocks off
They ain't tellin' us to stop so we pop-off shots from the glocks in our pants like we lockstock
Two barrels smokin'/We Kumar and Harold tokin', thinkin' that we damn-well jokin'
We leave your body in a barrel floatin' in the ocean/By the way/How's that goin'?
Wanna see a show/Then abra-kadabra/Bad men stab ya/Hit 'em in the lungs like a gas made of asthma
If you Wanna clash then step up/I'll bash ya like a disaster
They call me Breaker, first name Sound
Beatin' punks up as I'm layin' lines down
Me an' Berd spit the words that you heard/The absurd verses of a geek and a nerd
We the fleet of foot on the street/So good with the beat/So fast we blurred
Entertain alla y'all with a change in refrain and a cane to the arse of a range of insane
phrases and thangs you never seen before but believe me/You won't be deterred
And if you're thinkin' your shit don't stink then please believe me/Your rose is a turd
You're over and out and broke at the mouth and that's what you only deserve
So go be the worst while we throw these a curve in the form of an SB verse
And a poem in flame from the golden brain of the one-and-only Big Berd!

. . . . I guess I gotta get 'em again,
Hit 'em once, hit 'em twice, hit 'em hard, hit 'em right, s'how I fight when I hit 'em with the pen,
I'm silly with the syllables, still so spiritual, looking at myself and I'm a mother-loving mirrorful,
Isn't it odd, a physical god to you pitiful frauds, now witness my miracles,
I'll knock you off, cause ya rocks is soft, you is not a boss, who you tryna fool?
I've told you dudes, so don't confuse, what my motives to, I ain't lyin'a you,
Cash, fast, coming in, giving it a hundred ten, you know that I come to win, bathing in the stuff of sin,
motherfucker brotherfriend, If we all'd just hit the reefer there'd be peace and love again
You just don't get it, don't you know I'm musically divine?
Now, abuse is well and fine Imma be stupid with my rhymes that are unusually refined and confuse you all the time.
Just try to process that, and try real hard,
But you better salute the real stars.

Track Name: Lake of Fire
I'm bad when left in the sun, but I'm even worse in the rain,
Cause when I'm drenched I might just still burst into flames,
I'll spontaneously combust, and it'll hurt to be tame,
Always cursin these lames, always the first to be sayin,
That the standards for insane have changed, I'm thinkin maybe,
All these baby rappers hate me cause I'm nasty and I'm crazy,
And I'm only half-assing it; I ain't gone my hardest yet,
Battling with me's like playin Jenga with an architect,
So turn down all these stage lights because I'm gon' need a darker set,
Close the curtain, go to work'n don my cape like Clark Kent,
I'm a super hero, but you already know it,
These are my heroics, and I ain't ready to go yet,
I must reiterate what I've already gone over,
I got weedwackers more powerful than ya lawnmowers,
I'm not sober; I'm enebriated, go ahead and leave me hated,
The kid's a bastard, see catastrophes that he created.

Look, this is how it is, I'm badder, and I'd rather,
Jump off a fuckin cliff than climb down with a ladder,
What's the matter? Don't you care? why you lookin so scared?
With no breath in yo chest and you're left with no air,
And I know it's not fair, but when you play by the rules,
Everything works out just fine like the game is your tool,
Fools, I got justice on my side, I don't fuck with all the lies,
Kids will curse these vigilantes when they witness homicide,
Oh geeze, all the phony MCs,
Get their asses blown away like fuckin leaves in the breeze,
So I rake 'em in a pile as I rape 'em with my styles,
Treat 'em like the Windex that I'm sprayin' on my tiles,
And you don't wanna be around when I bring these trucks with me,
These dudes from around the way they all owe me a buck fifty,
So lemme say, when I spray you better duck quickly,
I'm like a bad condom, you don't wanna fuck with me.
They say his music is too sick, but dude is a rude prick,
Usually I'm cool shit, but you'll see my mood flip,
I'll react like an angry bull with two dicks,
Gouge your eyes with toothpicks, pummel you with two fists.
Track Name: What Up World II
The clearest of sunsets and the bluest of skies,
Ain't got nothin on her beautiful eyes,
In the brightest of day, in the blackest of night,
She hold me tight, it's just right, it's just life,
Ain't nobody better than her for me, certainly,
Keeps me satisfied, I'm never thirstin, b,
She make me feel like a baller, even on a broke day,
Making sure my head-- both of 'em is doin' okay,
Making sure I'm on my toes, doin' my best at all I know,
She always knows I'll come home safe if I'm out pushin' or on the road,
I'm just being honest, yo, y'aint gotta tell me,
She cares for me and always keeps me fed up in my belly,
We may reminisce on times, things were fresh up in our minds,
Like when I first became her man,
Said "if I fell in love with you, would you promise to be true,
And help me understand?"

(Stop, look, listen to your heart and what it's saying)
What up world,
Hey world
Listen up, lemme tell ya,
bout my girl.

I live to love, and I love to live,
There's never a time when she ain't got enough to give,
The way she say she love me give me confidence and pride,
She's the Bonnie to my Clyde when she hop up in my ride,
Always by my side, juxtaposed with love to grow,
Got me by string, and I ain't talkin puppets, though,
She got a loving soul, and it rocks mine,
When me and her together I feel like we could stop time,
I'm not fine, I must be a little insane,
She heals my conditions of pain when I'm physically drained,
|: And that's what her lovin' does to me,
And thanks to her I'm never hungry, :||
And it don't make that much sense but it don't have to,
Do you have to let it linger.

Love to live, live to love,
Love the earth and the people and God above,
Learn to live, laugh and love,
The earth and the people and the heavens above,
But now it's me and her,
we're holding each other,
She got me thinkin' "damn,
"I am a groovy motherfucker."