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I'm bad when left in the sun, but I'm even worse in the rain,
Cause when I'm drenched I might just still burst into flames,
I'll spontaneously combust, and it'll hurt to be tame,
Always cursin these lames, always the first to be sayin,
That the standards for insane have changed, I'm thinkin maybe,
All these baby rappers hate me cause I'm nasty and I'm crazy,
And I'm only half-assing it; I ain't gone my hardest yet,
Battling with me's like playin Jenga with an architect,
So turn down all these stage lights because I'm gon' need a darker set,
Close the curtain, go to work'n don my cape like Clark Kent,
I'm a super hero, but you already know it,
These are my heroics, and I ain't ready to go yet,
I must reiterate what I've already gone over,
I got weedwackers more powerful than ya lawnmowers,
I'm not sober; I'm enebriated, go ahead and leave me hated,
The kid's a bastard, see catastrophes that he created.

Look, this is how it is, I'm badder, and I'd rather,
Jump off a fuckin cliff than climb down with a ladder,
What's the matter? Don't you care? why you lookin so scared?
With no breath in yo chest and you're left with no air,
And I know it's not fair, but when you play by the rules,
Everything works out just fine like the game is your tool,
Fools, I got justice on my side, I don't fuck with all the lies,
Kids will curse these vigilantes when they witness homicide,
Oh geeze, all the phony MCs,
Get their asses blown away like fuckin leaves in the breeze,
So I rake 'em in a pile as I rape 'em with my styles,
Treat 'em like the Windex that I'm sprayin' on my tiles,
And you don't wanna be around when I bring these trucks with me,
These dudes from around the way they all owe me a buck fifty,
So lemme say, when I spray you better duck quickly,
I'm like a bad condom, you don't wanna fuck with me.
They say his music is too sick, but dude is a rude prick,
Usually I'm cool shit, but you'll see my mood flip,
I'll react like an angry bull with two dicks,
Gouge your eyes with toothpicks, pummel you with two fists.


from The 2xN Files vol. 1: White Noise, Always Loud, released August 20, 2014
Produced by BBoldt:

Samples "Lake of Fire" by Nirvana for DGC Records, composed by Curt Kirkwood




Berd Boston, Massachusetts

Welcome to my Bandcamp page! My name is Ed, but you can call me Berd. I do raps 'n' stuff. You can contact me via e-mail or skype (the.2xN.Benn)

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