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What up world? What it do?
I'm feelin okay, howbout you?
Come peep the news, Ain't you heard this?
You really gotta check out this absurdness,
What up world? What it do?
I'm feelin unsure, but this ain't new,
Come check the papers, ain't you heard this?
I got a story that might make you kinda nervous.

I hold my head up just enough to see the sky,
I hold my head up just enough to see the sky,
I hold my head up just enough to see the sky,
And when we go we won't go slow we'll put up such a fight.

(Lemme tell you) About a tribe of people who reside far away,
Their ultimate goal here is quite hard to say,
But I know one thing, they're blind to the truth,
So don't listen to what they say cause they lyin' to you,
Their ideals delusioned, with no real conclusions,
Their backwards logic'll make you feel confusion,
Losin' grip on reality, it's simple and plain,
A psychologist tried to study them, he was driven insane,
In vain, they've been referred to as bastards and cretins,
Always up to no good, dastardly schemin',
The textbook definition of Catholic demons,
Heathens feedin' on your dreamin' for no practical reason,
Weakened souls they are, a shameful Godless folk,
Far beyond salvation by the words the prophets spoke,
Beware, they have left scenes gory and blurred,
At least according to the stories I've heard.


These people are a case indeed; they that serious,
Stranger than the ending of a Gainax series is,
Congratulations! I'm really glad you waitin',
To pay a visit to this twisted district's bad location,
Their growing population makes them nearly half a nation,
Followers continue, I'm hardly exaggeratin',
So if you have the patience, their day is soon to come,
And if you dig eclipses, they might just block out the sun,
Invoke transcension of dimensions and let monsters arise,
But they won't try to dominate the world or conquer the skies,
No, it really ain't much more than you think,
We ain't talkin' messin up the natural order of things,
See it's all about benevolence, peace and prosperity,
The promised land that heaven is, reaching the charity,
All for love, to just listen and trust,
I guess they stay level-headed, seldom wishin' to bust...
Come to think of it, maybe they ain't so different from us.




from The 2xN Files vol. 1: White Noise, Always Loud, released August 20, 2014
Produced by Dutch Master A
(I really wish I had dude's contact info) :(

Samples "Kiss The Sky" by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra for Ubiquity records




Berd Boston, Massachusetts

Welcome to my Bandcamp page! My name is Ed, but you can call me Berd. I do raps 'n' stuff. You can contact me via e-mail or skype (the.2xN.Benn)

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