Things That Shouldn't Have Been Said: The Song

from by Berd

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All the stuff I've said, I've been made a reject,
I'm not able to see yet, these things I regret,
And if you're wondering why I dropped the "Big" from my name,
Ever since I seen the grand canyon things ain't been the same,
When I acted good it's just a dumb facade,
The idea of morality comes from God,
I just hope he can't see inside my head,
cause if he knew All the shit I think about he'd prolly strike me dead,
A man should be judged my the content of his actions,
Not the contents of his mind, where the nonsense tends to happen,
I've slipped the Freudian slips, they could've ruined my life,
Luckily for me the people knew the music was right,
A good beat, a saftey net, when I make these choices,
I am morally at fault, but you can't blame these voices,
So let it drop to the bottom as it sinks like lead,
These are the things that shouldn't have been said.

And this is just a message, problems with my investment,
Allow me to take the time to explain all I'm regrettin',
Once again, a list of all the shit that I've said
I dropped the "Big" from my name cause all the big rappers are dead,
So I brought play-doh to my philosophy class,
This passage through life seems impossibly fast,
Every second, every minute, every hour, every day,
Yes I've said the things, people should never really say
I've become so thin due to the less that I eat,
I dropped the "Big" to drop associations with Sesame Street,
I should just hijack a plane, and fly so free,
Free from the evil powers constantly lying to me,
What the system entails is just a mission to fail,
But guess what, this rap is just a fictional tale,
Something I fathomed up while laying in bed,
These are the things that shouldn't have been said.

It's so loud, inside my head,
As I drown, in my regrets,
Okay, thats a half lie, don't wanna be that guy,
But crap just has to happen, as it happens, I don't act right,
That might, start a fukken cataclysm,
Wack religions when you listen it's like "who's this bastard dissin?"
Well, I guess what happened isn't a total disgrace
Dropping f-bombs and n-bombs all over the place
I don't watch my language, it's no mystery
And that's why all these motherfuckers pissed at me
Or maybe it's cause I flap my gums too much
If you'un like it, then you ain't speaking up enough
I'm sayin' I'm tired'a playin with these dames especially the one
Boastin claims, of him bein the mane,
Maybe he just jelous my freestyle game
might have to body you and bury you somewhere up in Maine,
Leave 'em dead...
These are the things that shouldn't have been said.


from The 2xN Files vol. 1: White Noise, Always Loud, released August 20, 2014
Produced by 7AR:

Samples "(I Just) Died in Your Arms" by Cutting Crew for Virgin Records




Berd Boston, Massachusetts

Welcome to my Bandcamp page! My name is Ed, but you can call me Berd. I do raps 'n' stuff. You can contact me via e-mail or skype (the.2xN.Benn)

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